Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Permit application submitted!

We submitted our plans today to the Fire Department plan reviewer! I should have taken pictures of our architect signing & stamping EVERY SINGLE PAGE of 4 copies of the plans...but I spaced instead we give you the best "office" signage we've seen yet in this process!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Two weeks in, finally getting blogging

We closed on the Wedding Cake House exactly two weeks ago, and are finally getting a quick moment to catch our breath and start sharing some pictures and stories from this adventure...
So this is a picture of our first day on site getting used to breathing through heavy duty dust masks (don't worry mom, I swear that we're really, really wearing the masks!). Can you tell that we're trying to smile with our eyes?

Ok next picture is from day three when we found the first nasty smelly dead rodent. There was a pile of tarps that I picked up and voila! Gross city! ...but guess what - I didn't even smell it because it turns out that the heavy duty masks (that I swear ma, we're really wearing all of the time) block out the smell of rodent with rigor mortis!
Ok, well fast forward to last week when we got started on some basic demo. Here's a before and after photo of what will eventually be a bathroom 

Tomorrow we're off to the dump!

September 15th Workday

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