Thursday, July 20, 2017

Of Walls and Wallpaper

While we're not changing much of the interior layout of the Wedding Cake House, there were a few minor areas that had to be framed out to enclose egresses or make accessible bathrooms. Here are some pictures of these walls in their raw state! Also we've been documenting wall papers as they are uncovered on the walls. The first room to have wiring run through it (and correspondingly some holes poked in the walls) revealed FIVE layers of various kinds of wall paper!


  1. You should try to keep some of this layered wallpaper exposed! Historic house museums often do this. The RI Historic Society, Preserve RI, and Historic New England may have suggestions of how to execute this :)

  2. The wallpaper is amazing! In our house, there was only one layer, so I imagine they removed the paper before putting on a new one. The layers in these photos are incredible.


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