Saturday, June 10, 2017

To the scrap yard???

A couple of heavy metal appliances (that is, appliances made out of metal that are heavy.... NOT appliances in service to heavy metal music... but we may need to talk about that too!) are way up on the third floor. We're pretty sure that the best approach might be to call a scrapper and have them move them for free. However, if they might get a decent $$ -- either to an odd collector or scrapyard -- I guess it would be good to figure that out. By decent $$$, I guess I'm thinking that $200 total might make it work with figuring out to move em & put our already taxed backs through another rung of hell. If you have any expertise on said matter - let us know!... In terms of music...we'll it's demolition time, and so if you have any favorite tracks to smash basement ceiling plaster to, we're taking recommendations!

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