Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Adventures in Plumbing Fixtures

We've plotted out every plumbing fixture & piece of hardware that we need for the project. We're trying to reuse as much as possible that's in the house or work and work with stuff from the time period where & when possible. Except for toilets, we've been in the game long enough to know that new toilets are SOOOO worth it! Anyway we needed to find three clawfoot tubs. This quest took us to a beautiful part of RI to the yard of a guy who does antique tub refinishing.  We talked about life and death. He crumpled poison ivy in his bare hands and joked about time machines. As we drove away Pippi asked where I thought he was from, "the past I said".  Here's a pic of the tub in the hall and below that are pictures of a statuary place that we passed on the way.

PS - we have since learned that the tub guy is from Romania...50 miles from Dracula's castle!!


  1. Is this Nick from Romania who also does re-upholstery to cars? He has a great story if its him, and a lovely person.


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