Saturday, June 17, 2017

Short notice! Sunday June 25th! Heavy Lifting! Gardening! Gin & Tonics! Come over!

Hi All! Help!!! We know that this is last minute, but we've been waiting on a couple of pesky details like permits and the like.

So, many people have shown us so much (very appreciated) excitement about this project and expressed an interest in coming over and lending a hand with physical labor & we're ready to take you up on it! Skip the gym & come and help us move bags of rubble to the dumpster,  longing for some time in the sun, come and help us mulch and prep for future plantings,  always wanted to lift some claw foot tubs up flights of stairs, we have tubs to move!!

In all seriousness though, we're simultaneously daunted and excited by this project, and humbled by all of the support that we've been getting and promise to make your efforts to help out extremely efficient and as fun as possible. We'll likely have about 3 tons of bagged plaster rubble (150 ready to go 40ish pound bags) to move into a dumpster & many hands will make much lighter work of this!

We'll get started at 1:30 pm, and start wrapping up and making Gin and Tonics at around 5pm.  If you can RSVP and let us know if and when you're coming that would be amazing!! e-mail us at

If you have work gloves, wear em! We'll have dust masks, hand wipes, and tools on hand. 


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